KLM Kickstart AI

KLM leverages Squares to host regular meetups and hackathons with experts within the AI community of their partners.

Kickstart AI case 01

Designing a shared digital community and events platform

Kickstart AI is an initiative dedicated to accelerating adoption of artificial intelligence. The initiative is led by a coalition of iconic brands such as KLM, Ahold Delhaize, ING and NS.

In 2022, they challenged us to create a platform that could facilitate both the registration as well as the streaming of the meetups, hackathons and conferences they organise for the community. The platform switches between functioning as a knowledge hub and a live event platform throughout the year.

Use Case
Multi-event series
Beeldr Digital
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Squares allows us to build a community throughout the year.

Host offline, hybrid and virtual events from one platform

Whether events take place live or virtually, registration takes place through one shared community platform. Each new event can be setup with its own pre-event page.

  • Create multiple registration forms per event
  • Create and customise individual pre-event pages
  • Manage registrations and generate exports from CMS
  • Activate or deactivate event areas during the year

Create one shared hub for the community

The platform needs to combine elements of a website, a knowledge hub, and an event platform, to create a sense of community during the full year.

  • Custom 2D designed map with pointers
  • Host pre-read materials (videos, documents)
  • Support ultra-low latency breakouts and livestreams
  • Clear UX to showcase current phase of the program
  • Leaderboard with accumulated stars & badges
Kickstart AI case leaderboard

Should you host your next event series on Squares?

Most digital event platforms focus too much on delivering streamed content for one event, and not enough on the storytelling that is required to drive home the essence of an entire series. Squares makes it possible to bring both together in one platform.

Events are rarely a standalone initiative, but rather a vehicle for change management, internal collaboration or education. We would love to talk about your event strategy and how we can help you drive the right results.