Fashion Frontier Challenge

Tommy Hilfiger empowered social entrepreneurs by hosting a ten-month global program on Squares.

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Building a community around a program of unique events

For the 4th edition of the Fashion Frontier Challenge, Tommy Hilfiger challenged us to create a platform that could bring together an event series designed to amplify and support new voices who are driving a more inclusive future of fashion.

The challenge is a multi-stage program during which participants collaborate with experts through online bootcamps, jury members vote for the most promising solutions, and the finalists pitch to win €550,000 to support their business ideas.

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Use Case
Multi-event series
Solid Rental
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We chose Squares so we could create one unified event experience.

Create one shared hub for the community

The platform needs to combine elements of a website, a knowledge hub, and an event platform, to create a sense of community during the 10-month program.

  • Custom designed 'about' page
  • Host pre-read materials (videos, documents)
  • Support ultra-low latency breakouts and livestreams
  • Clear UX to showcase current phase of the program
  • Activate or deactivate events in the series

Manage who can access which part of the series

Hosting multiple events through one platform requires carefully monitoring who should be able to access each part of the platform at what moments in time.

  • SSO integration for internal employees
  • Whitelist registration for external stakeholders
  • Split attendees up in user-groups based on access level
  • Dynamic tiles activate or show content based on user-groups
  • Manage design, content, users and accesses from the CMS
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Should you host your next event series on Squares?

Most digital event platforms focus too much on delivering streamed content for one event, and not enough on the storytelling that is required to drive home the essence of an entire series. Squares makes it possible to bring both together in one platform.

Events are rarely a standalone initiative, but rather a vehicle for change management, internal collaboration or education. We would love to talk about your event strategy and how we can help you drive the right results.