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DPW successfully hosted a large-scale hybrid conference with 2000+ registrants using Squares.

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A branded experience that matches the most influential event in procurement

DPW is an absolute frontrunner in the world of procure-tech, bringing together leaders from brands like Mars, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever to talk about latest trends, technologies, and best practices during their annual procurement summit.

Together with Founder Matthias Gutzmann and his design team, we crafted a platform that matched the finesse of their global brand with a personalised registration experience that allowed more than 2000+ attendees to sign up for the livestream.

Use Case
Dpw case 02

Squares proves that customisation can be affordable.

Create a branded white label experience

Attendees shouldn't feel like they are exiting the DPW experience when they enter a third-party software application to view the livestream.

  • Personalised domains
  • Custom registration forms
  • Custom background images
  • Deep branding based on style guide
  • Sponsor branding on welcome page

Ensure highest level of information security

DPW works with sensitive attendee data from the largest global brands. Sponsors, speakers and attendees demand that the company meets their compliancy standards.

  • ISO:27001 certified platform
  • Private secured database per event
  • GDPR consent checks during registration
  • Mandatory 2FA for organiser access control
  • Secure and scalable AWS server infrastructure

Should you host your next livestream on Squares?

As organisers you spend so much dedication crafting amazing event journeys with carefully programmed speakers. Shouldn't the platform your digital attendees use to register and view the event reflect that same level of effort?

Squares proves that a branded platform doesn't have to be expensive. Our team need just 3 weeks to review your style guide and build a completely custom platform.