DenkProducties is market leader in creating impactful leadership seminars and business events in The Netherlands.

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An entire portfolio of online business events readily available

DenkProducties is market leader in creating impactful leadership seminars in The Netherlands, with iconic examples such as MBA in a Day, Team Intelligentie and Amsterdam Business Forum.

In 2023, the team asked us to set up an online event platform to allow ticket-holders livestream access to their portfolio of seminars. Thousands of business professionals attend their events each year, and their brand new DenkProducties yearcard offering allows 300+ premium members access to previous seminars which they can watch at their own convenience.

Use Case
300+ per edition
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Beautiful product, with an easy-to-use CMS that I can always access.

Stay true to our iconic brand identity

DenkProducties is a well-known brand, and with our customisation options we were able to mirror their corporate branding to create a white label experience.

  • Custom overflow positioning of the brand logo
  • Upload custom fonts, colour codes and background images
  • Secure authentication via API to external ticketing system
  • Create a white-label experience that matches your events

Create co-branded viewing experiences for corporate partners

DenkProducties sells company livestream tickets to partners who receive their own co-branded experience.

  • Setup individual co-branded session or registration pages
  • Manage access privileges with pre-configured user groups
  • ISO:27001 certified platform for compliancy standards
  • Private secured database per event
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Should you host your next livestream on Squares?

As organisers you spend so much dedication crafting amazing event journeys with carefully programmed speakers. Shouldn't the platform your digital attendees use to register and view the event reflect that same level of effort?

Squares proves that a branded platform doesn't have to be expensive.