Northwell Truly Awards

Northwell Health successfully hosts a unique award ceremony on Squares to recognize their community of physicians.

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An awe-inspiring award ceremony on NYC Times Square

With The Truly Awards, Northwell sets out to celebrate physicians for the positive impact they make. For the 2021 virtual edition, Northwell and MAG challenged us to co-create a platform that reflected the appeal of attending a live red carpet event.

More than 1000 North American physicians were mesmerized by our virtual version of NYC Times Square. Subtle animations in the billboards made the platform truly come to life!

Northwell Health
Use Case
Award ceremony
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We were genuinely able to recreate the magic of a live awards ceremony

Create a unique digital attendee experience

Northwell wanted to surprise physicians by creating an experience that puts them in the spotlight. Their partner MAG needed the flexibility to get creative.

  • Custom 2D map as a homepage
  • Custom animations on the homepage
  • Deep branding based on the event theme
  • SSO integration for internal employees

Embed third-party software solutions

Northwell wanted to make sure employees could continue using some of their third-party event solutions they had previously introduced into the community.

  • API integration with
  • Embedded external virtual photo booth
  • Embedded an external mosaic photo wall
  • Custom mobile navigation menu

Should you host your next award ceremony on Squares?

Let's face it, your employees already spend countless hours each week attending video calls, so surprising them with a digital event experience is a challenge. Squares gives you the freedom to truly design experiences that make attendees smile.

If you're interested in breaking away from the ordinary, you should try us out.