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Your virtual event platform connecting people anytime, anywhere

New times, new solutions

New times ask for new ways of coming together. Virtual, yet with similar impact as an in-person meeting. Online and hybrid events rapidly have become the new norm and are here to stay. We invented a way of bringing people together anytime, anywhere: Squares. We build, brand and boost online event platforms to host your international summit, corporate event, annual kick-off, product launch, festival or conference. There’s a Square for everyone.

About Squares

Create engaging online events

Squares is the virtual meeting space for your company or organization. An online event platform branded with your corporate or event identity. Squares enables you to create an interactive, engaging and exciting experience that comes close to an in-person event. Each Square has a custom design, various presentation rooms, chatrooms for personal and group contact, and options for gamification and networking. We develop your unique Square, you host your virtual event. During the event, our helpdesk is available to provide technical support to the participants.


This is Squares

  • The web-based solution for virtual and hybrid events; no software required
  • Compatible with all online live stream and video conference applications
  • Developed and supported by events professionals for the ultimate online experience
  • Basic Squares and endless possibilities for extra features and customization
  • Continuous product development, automatic updates
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